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Medi Kist Prescription Service

Our History 

It’s a passion for great tasting coffee that starting in a small city café in Rome while visiting Italy. The experience had born the idea of opening a coffee shop for people that enjoy life and search for new and exciting experiences.

Our Values:

We aim to inspire through excellence throughout our Taste of Tuscany Value chain from bean to cup by delighting and satisfying our customers.




To bring about life’s delight and great memories one cup at a time through our search for the best coffee nature can provide.


Taste Of Tuscany Decadent Perfection

Love It. Just Eat It.

Free Wi-Fi available in store !


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Taste Of Tuscany Coffee Shop

Address  : PMB China City

Shop R32 (Next To Medikist Pharmacy)

Operating hours : 9:00 - 18:00 

Tel : 081 422 7674